I got a jar of dirt II

This is my 'i got a jar of dirt' part 2 post. I'd like to credit those people out there at deviantart, who've created this cute fanarts, so many that i couldn't name all of them one by one. please comment here if you'd noticed that i've posted your artwork here.

;-) HUZZAH & thanks to you.

why is the rum always gone?

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Jack Sparrow and his jar of dirt, and his rum.. and his black pearl..
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'i got a jar of dirt'

i'm a newbie, and .. been watching this community for a while, & finally decided to join. this is my first post, i hope this post it ok.. & ..appropriate.

if it's not, i'd beg the power that be to please delete this post. and i'm so sorry for this ignorance..

"I got a Jar of Dirt"

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check it out,,..
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Pirate Ken sayz...

Picture from bin scabbed Haute Doll magazine. Featuring some exquisite dolls but the male ones always look so GAY (as in homosexual not lame. I have nothing against gays btw).

I couldn't resist making a couple with this one!

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