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piratemacros's Journal

Lol-pirates (aka Pirate Macros)
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Creating pirate macros or LOL-pirates
LOL Pirates the one stop port to post yer LOL pirates!
The LJ home of captioned pirate pictures.

Posting rules from the Pirate Brethren

No obscene content.
Anything not safe for work must be posted under a cut, with a NSFW warning.
It must be piratey in picture, text or both.
Multiple images should be posted under a cut so as not to clutter up yer crew member's friends page.
It doesn't have to be in typical LOL format. It can be a pirate picture with creative use of text as part of its composition such as a mock-up of an advertisement, packaging etc.

Those are the rules not guidelines!

One guideline is that it should be funny :)