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I got a jar of dirt II

This is my 'i got a jar of dirt' part 2 post. I'd like to credit those people out there at deviantart, who've created this cute fanarts, so many that i couldn't name all of them one by one. please comment here if you'd noticed that i've posted your artwork here.

;-) HUZZAH & thanks to you.

why is the rum always gone?

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Jack Sparrow and his jar of dirt, and his rum.. and his black pearl..

'i got a jar of dirt'

i'm a newbie, and .. been watching this community for a while, & finally decided to join. this is my first post, i hope this post it ok.. & ..appropriate.

if it's not, i'd beg the power that be to please delete this post. and i'm so sorry for this ignorance..

"I got a Jar of Dirt"

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check it out,,..



Spotted on Deviant Art, click on thumb nail to see larger image:

bucket love
by *bri-chan on deviantART

OTP=Outdoor Therapeutic Program


More marine/sailor than pirate but I trust appreciated nonetheless, using an image form a 1888 book of a walrus hunt.

Vintage LOLrus


Y M C A!

Oh hai, i r new

 Hope this isn't considered obscene =D

Jack Sparrow

Let's make Jack Sparrow chat bot. Talk and answer question to him with pressing "Teach" button.

Pirate Ken sayz...

Picture from bin scabbed Haute Doll magazine. Featuring some exquisite dolls but the male ones always look so GAY (as in homosexual not lame. I have nothing against gays btw).

I couldn't resist making a couple with this one!